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Essential oil education

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What are pure

essential oils?

Learn about the differences & benefits of doTERRA essential oils for the stressed out, overwhelmed, busy mom.

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Healthy Living with

essential oils

Learn ways to incorporate essential oils into your daily life to support yourself & your family mentally, emotionally & physically. 

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Get started with

essential oils

If you are ready to take your health & the health of your family into your own hands, this is the place to start. 

coaching opportunities

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Life coaching


Customized & personalized coaching programs designed to fit the individual needs of my clients.

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Wellness coaching


Customized & personalized coaching programs designed to fit the individual needs of my clients.

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Online Coaching


These coaching courses are designed to create an opportunity for personal growth and development at your own pace.

wellness products

Supplement bottles

Life Long


  • Promotes general wellness and vitality.*
  • Provides antioxidant and DNA protection.*
  • Improves energy metabolism.*
  • Promotes bone health.*
  • Supports immune function.*
  • Promotes cardiovascular health.*
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On Guard


Contains CPTG Essential Oils that:

  • Protect the body against seasonal threats.*
  • Support a healthy immune system.*
  • May help support healthy inflammation.*
  • Protects healthy immune function.*
Supplement bottle Adaptiv Capsules



  • Calms and promotes positive feelings*
  • Supports mood and helps improve state of mind*
  • Helps when acclimating to new surroundings and adapting to stressful situations*
  • Encourages relaxation*
  • Supports cognitive function and emotional balance*
  • Promotes mental well-being*
Deep Blue Rub

Deep Blue


  • Formulated with the Deep Blue proprietary blend of essential oils and other powerful ingredients
  • Provides Deep Blue Soothing Blend in a base of moisturizing emollients that leaves your skin soft and non-greasy
  • Brings a cooling and soothing sensation to targeted areas
Deep Blue capsules

Deep Blue


  • Patent-pending, fast-acting frankincense extract shown to help support muscle and joint comfort and function*
  • Includes proprietary, standardized extracts of ginger, curcumin, resveratrol, and other polyphenols to soothe occasional aches and discomfort*
  • Can be used in tandem with Deep Blue Rub or Deep Blue Soothing Blend
  • Contains the doTERRA Tummy Tamer blend of Peppermint, Ginger, and Caraway Seed
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate-free HPMC vegetable capsules
doTERRA MetaPWR System



  • MetaPWR Metabolic Blend May support healthy metabolic function when ingested.*
  • MetaPWR Assist may reduce the absorption of simple carbohydrates and sugars.*
  • MetaPWR Advantage contains nine types of collagen tripeptides, which clinical research has shown to boost skin appearance by promoting skin density, increasing firmness, decreasing wrinkles, and improving hydration.*
  • MetaPWR Softgels may decrease appetite, support mindful eating, and improve exercise performance.*
  • MetaPWR Beadlets promote mindful eating and appetite control.*
  • MetaPWR Metabolic Blend Satiety Gum helps support metabolic health and function when chewing.*
Supplement bottles serenity softgels



  • Relieves occasional sleeplessness*
  • Promotes healthy relaxation and sleep*
  • Helps you get the refreshing sleep you need without leaving you feeling groggy or sleepy the next day*
  • Helps make a difference in the quality and the ease of going to sleep*
  • Encourages restful sleep*
  • Calms the nervous system*
  • Helps to reduce stress*
doTERRA Turmeric Capsules



  • Combines the complementary benefits of both turmeric essential oil with the joint support of the curcuminoids of turmeric extract in a unique and convenient delivery system*
  • Helps support a healthy inflammatory response in the body*
  • May help the body fight free radicals and protect the body from oxidative damage*
Lypo-spheric vitamin c


Vitamin C

  • A powerful antioxidant that can help protect cells from the damage caused by harmful free radicals.
  • Helps maintain a healthy immune system. 
  • Supports collagen production for healthier, firmer skin.


  • Support natural immunity – Support your body’s natural defense systems against viral and bacterial infection and illnesses with powerful immune-boosting benefits
  • Protective nutrititional support – Powerful 800 mg of Certified Organic echinacea tops (purpurea), and echinacea roots (Angustifolia), freshly milled and prepared with love for optimum potency
  • Certified organic – Organic echinacea (purpurea, Angustifolia) certified organic by Oregon Tilth
Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal

  • Helps to whiten teeth
  • Natural support for healthy skin, hair & nails
  • Supportive for digestive & immune systems
  • Ideal for detoxification & cleansing: One of the most versatile beauty products for face, skin & hair, it is also valued for maintaining healthy digestion, for use with stomach aches and supporting colon and candida cleanses.
Sovereign Silver Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver

  • Supports the immune system
  • With unprecedented particle size as small as 0.8nm, our colloidal silver is safe* & easier for the body to absorb.
  • We use amber colored, glass bottles which are crucial to ensure the stability & quality of hydrosol.
  • Sovereign Silver has 2 ingredients: 99.999% pure silver & pharmaceutical-grade purified water.
  • Silver is a natural element that can be found in whole grains, mushrooms, mammalian milk, and water.